Tutorial: Building a simple npm module

  • Dec

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PEP8 and JSHint in your Fabfile

  • May

A lot of the time we overlook code style rules like PEP8 and JSHint if it's not integrated into our daily workflow. For me, it's integrated in my Emacs editor but, if you're using Fabric for deployments and a lot of the tasks associated with your code, why not integrate code style checks into this process?

Here's a small gist that you can integrate into your fabfile.


How to make a simple Phonegap App in an hour or less

  • Mar

The objective of this project is to create a random gallery of images using Flickr API, in the first view we will select a category (tag) and in the next one we will start to see random images about that topic.

For this sample application I’m using Ubuntu 13.10 as my development environment. For starters we want to install node.js from Chris Lea’s PPA and then a few npm requirements:

add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nodejs
npm install -g phonegap
npm install -g bower

Start project

To create a new application we need ...

Social Buttons via Ajax

  • Feb

On our app we have a Blog Index page where all the post are loaded using infnite scrolling, in every post's display there are social networks buttons (Twitter, Facebook and G+) that show how many likes, tweets or +1's has. Everytime someone got down far enough to new posts to be loaded, these buttons wouldn't appear.

After fixing some other bugs with that code, I found that this buttons are displayed via a "search and replace" code, that is executed once everytime the page loads, that's why when loaded via ajax they wouldn't show.

Searching I found an answer to ...

Micro javascript library for touch events

  • Oct

Quosjs is a micro javascript library (5-6k gzipped) for managing touch events in web mobile through HTML5, it doesn't require any third-party javascript libraries like jQuery, instead it has its own query methods, ajax methods and event handlers. Aditionally it exposes a useful environment variable with useful information about the device.

webpage: http://quojs.tapquo.com/

github: https://github.com/soyjavi/QuoJS