Make a metric dashboard for Trello with Django Dashing

  • Jun

A few weeks ago I developed a python library to display metrics for a project requirement, in this post I’ll show how to use it.

The idea is to connect django-dashing with Trello API via

First I make a new Django project and install django-dashing via pip

mkvirtualenv trello_dashboard
pip install Django django-dashing startproject trello_dashboard

Now I add dashing to INSTALLED_APPS in


And include the dashing URLconf in like this:

url(r'^dashboard/', include('dashing.urls')),

To see the dashboard you must have at ...

psycopg2 and Django 1.6 - LGDD Case Study

  • Nov

About 3 months ago, I had to update one of our oldest applications to Django 1.5 so we could also update the PostGIS version it was using (Note: Django 1.5 added GeoDjango support for PostGIS 2.0+). 

Aside from the issues with the migration process of moving from Django 1.3 to Django 1.5, I ran into another issue after putting the update into our production environment, psycopg2 was leaving open database connections with a status of "<IDLE> in transaction". This wasn't a major issue until the site got some  traffic and our website collapsed when the maximum ...