Manage your business metrics with Haystack, Elasticsearch and Kibana

  • Jan

A good practice in projects you're undertaking is to bring in business metrics to ensure that the actions being carried out are giving the expected results, the idea of this article is to tell you about my experience using open source tools that make this job easier.


Haystack is a search tool for Django, the way it works is that a SearchIndex is created to determine which fields of the model can be indexed and which fields can be filtered, it supports multiple backends such as Solr, Whoosh, Xapian or Elasticsearch. We chose Elasticsearch because it integrates with Kibana, a ...

Make a metric dashboard for Trello with Django Dashing

  • Jun

A few weeks ago I developed a python library to display metrics for a project requirement, in this post I’ll show how to use it.

The idea is to connect django-dashing with Trello API via

First I make a new Django project and install django-dashing via pip

mkvirtualenv trello_dashboard
pip install Django django-dashing startproject trello_dashboard

Now I add dashing to INSTALLED_APPS in


And include the dashing URLconf in like this:

url(r'^dashboard/', include('dashing.urls')),

To see the dashboard you must have at ...