Consistent Coding Styles with EditorConfig

  • Jul

Maintainability is a key aspect you must keep in mind when you are coding. But "maintainability" may include a lot of things, from the basics to the most advanced standards and practices. The goal of this post is not to cover all of them but to give you a good point to start.

If two or more colleagues write code for the same project, they should follow certain rules to ensure the the code legibility between themselves. Things as simple as use the same indentation size may be the difference between a readable file and a real headache.

EditorConfig is a ...

PEP8 and JSHint in your Fabfile

  • May

A lot of the time we overlook code style rules like PEP8 and JSHint if it's not integrated into our daily workflow. For me, it's integrated in my Emacs editor but, if you're using Fabric for deployments and a lot of the tasks associated with your code, why not integrate code style checks into this process?

Here's a small gist that you can integrate into your fabfile.