PEP8 and JSHint in your Fabfile

  • May

A lot of the time we overlook code style rules like PEP8 and JSHint if it's not integrated into our daily workflow. For me, it's integrated in my Emacs editor but, if you're using Fabric for deployments and a lot of the tasks associated with your code, why not integrate code style checks into this process?

Here's a small gist that you can integrate into your fabfile.


Remote Debugging and Mobile Emulation in Chrome

  • Dec

Google Chrome recently added some awesome tools for testing out Mobile Web sites and even for emulating a specific device from the desktop version of the browser. Also, for iOS, Safari has a similar tool for remote debugging.

They have some detailed tutorials on the Google Developers site.

For Remote Debugging on Android

For Remote Debugging on iOS

For Mobile Emulation inside Chrome

psycopg2 and Django 1.6 - LGDD Case Study

  • Nov

About 3 months ago, I had to update one of our oldest applications to Django 1.5 so we could also update the PostGIS version it was using (Note: Django 1.5 added GeoDjango support for PostGIS 2.0+). 

Aside from the issues with the migration process of moving from Django 1.3 to Django 1.5, I ran into another issue after putting the update into our production environment, psycopg2 was leaving open database connections with a status of "<IDLE> in transaction". This wasn't a major issue until the site got some  traffic and our website collapsed when the maximum ...

Offline Documentation Reference with Dash

  • Oct

While updating my OSX toolset a couple days ago I found Dash (while updating my Alfred workflows). Dash is an incredibly fast, updated and complete offline documentation aggregator. 

Since here at talPor we're I'm pretty much the only developer with OSX I didn't share since it seemed pointless. After talking it over with some people at the office, we found out that there's actually a Linux version called Zeal (Thanks @jcastillo). 

Dash has been a huge boost in my productivity and has saved me a couple times now when I've been offline for some reason. I can't speak for ...