Tutorial: Building a simple npm module

  • Dec

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SSL/TLS certificates beginner's tutorial

  • Jul

This is a beginner’s tutorial on SSL certificates (which by now should be called TLS certificates, but old habits die hard). I’ll cover both how they function, and how to create a SSl/TLS certificate using OpenSSL, either self-signed or signed by a CA.

As a disclaimer, getting security wrong is very easy, and I'm not an expert. If your systems handle anything vital such as credit card information, payments, personal information, weapons systems, etc, then hire an expert, use already available services and just use the code provided to you by people that knows what they are doing. This ...

Docker - Beginner's tutorial

  • Jan

Docker is a relatively new and rapidly growing project that allows to create very light “virtual machines”. The quotation marks here are important, what Docker allows you to create are not really virtual machines, they’re more akin to chroots on steroids, a lot of steroids. In this tutorial we'll explore what Docker can do for you and how does it do what it does.

Before we continue, let me clear something up. As of right now (4th of January of 2015) Docker works only on Linux, it cannot function natively on Windows or OSX. I’ll be talking about the architecture ...

Debugging tools for Python & Django

  • Jan

Tools that will make your life easier

Why should we use a debbuging tool?

Well, the answer is simple, it will save us a lot of time. I used to put flags in my code, which it worked, most of the times. If I would've known these tools my life would've been so easier. In the following section I will show you a couple of tools mostly for python and how to use them with django.



PDB, like the official page says, it's an interactive source code debugger for Python programs, and IPDB is a tool that works ...

Manage your business metrics with Haystack, Elasticsearch and Kibana

  • Jan

A good practice in projects you're undertaking is to bring in business metrics to ensure that the actions being carried out are giving the expected results, the idea of this article is to tell you about my experience using open source tools that make this job easier.


Haystack is a search tool for Django, the way it works is that a SearchIndex is created to determine which fields of the model can be indexed and which fields can be filtered, it supports multiple backends such as Solr, Whoosh, Xapian or Elasticsearch. We chose Elasticsearch because it integrates with Kibana, a ...